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A Culinary Journey to the Heart of Amsterdam

Welcome to Rice Bowl Restaurant in Amsterdam

At Chennai Cafe, a renowned rice bowl restaurant in Amsterdam, we bring the vibrant flavours of South Indian cuisine. Our speciality? The Rice Bowl is an exquisite blend of aromatic spices, tender meats, and perfectly cooked rice, all combined to create a symphony of flavours in every bite.

The Art of Spice Harmony in Chennai Cafe's Rice Bowls

Our rice bowls celebrate spices, each carefully selected and blended to create a harmony of flavours. The secret lies in understanding the character of each spice, from the smoky depth of cumin to the sweet pungency of cardamom, and how they come together to form a perfect ensemble.

Why Choose Chennai Cafe?

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At Chennai Cafe, the best rice bowl restaurant in Amsterdam, believe in serving food and experiences. Our rice bowls are crafted with the freshest ingredients and authentic spices, ensuring that each bowl reflects our commitment to quality and taste. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, we offer a cozy and welcoming ambience, perfect for a family meal, a quick lunch, or a dinner date.

Join Us for a Culinary Adventure

We invite you to join us at Chennai Cafe for a culinary journey. Explore the diverse flavours of India and experience the warmth of Indian hospitality in the best rice bowl restaurant in Amsterdam. Whether you're a local or a visitor, our doors are always open to offer you a taste of India's rich culinary heritage.

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Discover the Essence of Chennai Cafe's Rice Bowls

Our rice bowls are not just meals, but stories told through spices and ingredients, each narrating a different tale of the rich Indian culinary heritage. From the fiery Chicken Biryani Bowl to the sumptuous Vegetarian Biryani Bowl, our menu is a testament to the diversity and richness of Indian cuisine.

Perfect Beverage Pairings for Your Rice Bowl at Chennai Cafe

Enhance your rice bowl experience at Chennai Cafe with our carefully curated beverages; each meant to match the rich flavours of our menu. Here are some top picks to pair with your favourite rice bowl:

  • Ginger Tea: For a soothing touch, pair our Ginger Tea with your meal. Its warm, spicy overtones pair exceptionally well with the Lamb Biryani Bowl, contrasting the rich flavours pleasantly.
  • Mango Lassi: Mango Lassi, a famous Indian beverage, is sweet, creamy, and refreshing. It’s a fantastic pairing with our Vegetarian Biryani Bowl since it enhances the spices while refreshing the taste buds.
  • Kingfisher Beer: For those who like an excellent beer with their lunch, Kingfisher Beer is a light and crisp choice that complements our Butter Chicken Bowl. Its slight maltiness works well with the dish’s creamy, rich sauce.
  • Red Wine: A glass of Red Wine can elevate the flavours of our Lamb Rogan Josh Bowl. The wine’s complexity and slight acidity cut through the richness of the lamb, creating a harmonious balance.

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Frequently aSKED questions (FAQs)


Chennai Cafe’s rice bowls contain a unique blend of traditional spices, delivering a genuine and savoury Indian dining experience.

Yes, we serve a variety of vegetarian rice bowls, including the famous Vegetarian Biryani Bowl and Paneer Rice Bowl.

At Chennai Cafe, the best rice bowl restaurant in Amsterdam, is happy to alter the spice level to your taste preferences.

Yes, all of our rice bowls are available for dine-in and takeout.